Our High School benefits from the MSPTO in many ways. We provide student and parent enrichment programs. We give out scholarships, help with scholastic awards, and fund senior activities and senior pins as a gift for staff and graduating seniors. We also do a teacher appreciation day, give the school nurse supplies and do school beautification.

The MSPTO supports our Middle School community in a variety of areas. We provide valuable student and parent enrichment programs. We help with the Awards and Recognition program and the 8th grade Dance. We also do a teacher appreciation day, supplement school nurse supplies and help with school beautification.

It takes an army of dedicated volunteers to plan and program a year long campaign of support for our schools. Whether you are a new 5th grade parent or seasoned high school parent, it is never too late to lend a hand. Contact us medwaysecpto@gmail.com and we will help you find a way to lend your time and talent.

2017-2018 Board Members

Kathy Campbell


Email: kathy.campbell@pearson.com

Julie Dennehy

Co-Vice President for High School

Email: julie@dennehypr.com

Carolyn Benedetto

Co-Vice President for Middle School

Email: carb424@yahoo.com

Beth McHallam


Email: beth.mchallam@gmail.com

Julie Donohue

Co-Vice President High School

Email: juliedonohue00@yahoo.com

Melissa Greenfield 

Co-Vice President Middle School

Email: mgreenfield98@yahoo.com

Susan Rozak


Email: srozak6@gmail.com

MSPTO 2017-2018 Committee Members

Lori Rossi

Box Tops for Education

Moira Keating

Parent & Student Enrichment Programs

Andrea White & Nancy Williamson 

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Amanda Regan

Environmental Trip

Kathy McSweeney


Lisa Paulette & Tina Ouellette

Middle School Ski Club

Ann & Steve McElhinney

High School Ski Club

Michelle Marchionni

High School Teacher Appreciation

Laura Connolly

Middle School Teacher Appreciation

Dorie Kilduff


Julie Dennehy


Erin DeFoyd

Publicity/FB Live

Rebecca Interrante

Middle School Snack Shack


Donations & Fundraising

To lend our energy, talent and time to improve the quality of education

To support our teachers to achieve success

To educate parents and enrich families

To foster a sense of school pride

Upcoming MSPTO Meetings:

Wednesday, September 25th at 7:30 pm - Medway Middle School Library
Wednesday, December 4th Annual Pop-Up at 6:00 pm - Medway High School Lobby
Wednesday, January 29th at 7:30 pm - Medway Middle School Library
Wednesday, March 25th at 7:30 pm - Medway High School Guidance Office
Wednesday, May 6th at 7:30 pm - Medway Middle School Library